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 Welcome To PHC Radio: Canada's Best Punk Station : Making Ears Bleed Since May 2005

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PHC Radio Canada's Punk station on the net brings you all the tunes you want to hear. Tune In to PHC Radio for less talk and more bands. If you want to know more about the bands then have a look in our bands areas as we link the bands name to the bands web page, we only list bands we play on PHC Radio. We are dedicated to showcasing Canadian talent. There are tons of talented bands from across Canada and here is the place to check them out. We also play a wide range of music from all over so you get the best of all worlds. So tune in, you're ears won't bleed that much, honest. We play Old and New Punk, Oi, SKA, Mod, Goth, Reggae, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Metal and Hardcore. Bands from Canada and bands from outside of Canada are played on PHC Radio. Have a look at our schedule to see what day we do what. All shows are 24 Hrs. long. To add your gigs or tour to our gigs area email us from the contact area.

PHC Radio Disclaimer:

PHC Radio is funded and run by Frekwalda & SK8 and exists for the sole purpose of promoting Old and New Punk, Oi, SKA, Mod, Goth, Reggae, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Metal and Hardcore music.

No commercial revenue is derived from our audio stream and no royalties or other fees will be paid to the artists featured on our audio stream or on this web site. All music featured on our audio stream has been provided to PHC Radio by the artist or a representative for the artist or purchased for airplay on PHC Radio for promotional benefit to the artist and the Punk community at large.

All artists, labels and those hired to represent them which provide promotional materials to PHC Radio agree to waive all rights to fees derived from the broadcast of this material on our audio streams or by featuring this material on our web site. PHC Radio is not an MP3 site. We do not offer downloads of music or a pay audio or video streams. We do not sell or distribute audio recordings.

All requests to have recordings, images, photographs and other promotional material removed from our audio stream or web site by the copyright holders will be honored on demand. To do so, please contact the station by emailing us from our contact area.

Cheers SK8 & Frekwalda

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